AWESOME! Hero Hakki hauls homeless man out of freezing Retford canal

A Retford chef has been hailed a hero after hauling a homeless man out of a freezing canal – before firefighters went above and beyond the call of duty to care for him. Dad-of-three Hakki Pekinoglu leapt into action when he heard panicked calls while he was cleaning up after a busy shift on Friday at Istanbul Turkish restaurant on … Read More

10 Things You Should Know About What It’s Really Like to Be Homeless

On Monday afternoon, as Patty L., a 33-year-old native San Franciscan currently living in a tent, began describing the casual hate tossed her way every day, a 30-ish, chubby white man in an Izod polo and khaki shorts walked by. “Um,” he said scornfully. “Can I get through?” Patty was leaning against a building, visiting two friends who live in … Read More

Londoner organises ‘pampering’ day for homeless women to ‘boost their self-worth’

Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, 34, said she organised the day with the Whitechapel Mission homeless charity in east London to help vulnerable women “believe in themselves.” Ms Mohammadian-Molina, who used to run a beauty business, said her team of beauticians would transform a room at the charity’s headquarters in east London into a professional-style salon offering free hair, makeup and nail treatments. … Read More

6th-graders to President Trump: Help the homeless, schools and doughnut lovers

Students from Kristen Golomb and Karen Kucik’s sixth-grade class at Clearview Elementary in Herndon, Virginia, enjoy sharing their opinions. They told us their favorite books, sports and foods for the November Class of KidsPost. Recently, they offered to share their advice for President Donald Trump on what he should do in the next four years. (Students comments have been edited … Read More

5 Generous Couples Who Spent Their Wedding Funds On Social Causes

A lavish wedding is everyone’s dream wedding. However, there are exceptions who believe spending money on guests who only come for food and expensive lehengas that won’t be worn again are a colossal waste of money. Instead, they try to make use of their wedding funds for the betterment of society. Here are five such couples who said ‘I give’, … Read More

Homeless family stories prompt changes in how to help

Stories published recently about homeless mothers living in cars with their children have prompted local charity agencies to sort out whether they are doing enough. They concluded: No, they are not. And they will try to do more. Social service agency leaders and others meet once a month. Recently, they decided to focus more on helping homeless young people and … Read More

Gratitude overflows as homeless count blessings in Lee County

Willie Joe Shotmiller lined up with hundreds of other homeless people and those at risk of losing their homes Saturday morning, seeking to ease their burdens. Homeless since 2007, he was grateful for a new blanket and a host of other supplies. But his size 11.5 feet ruled him out of donated shoes. Volunteers and workers with the Lee County … Read More