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“ I know many people, me included, are reluctant to help a homeless person with a money handout. The reasons being that the city frowns upon it, or the thought that the person receiving the money walks away with it to buy drugs or liquor. That’s often my thought, and why I often try to contribute in other ways. But the other day, I was in Walmart and a young man, about the age of my sons, approached me and asked if I could give him money for food. Because he brought out my mother instinct, I didn’t hesitate to reach into my purse for a few dollars. Before I got it out, he asked if I also had money for a blanket, that he’d slept in the cold the night before. At that point, I was a little leery of giving him the money, but I did anyway. I gave him a $20 and said, “You can get a blanket here for $10.” He thanked me, asked for a hug, and walked away. I was 90 percent sure he’d disappear and be drinking somewhere with my $20. After I’d paid for my items, I was walking out of the store and I saw him sitting at a table in the Subway, enjoying a meal, with his new blanket in a bag on the table beside him. ” -Kelli

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We are a group dedicated to changing the perception of the homeless community in Albuquerque. These men, women, and children spend their days thinking about when or where they could possibly find their next meal, with no certainty about what the next day may bring them. Despite their troubles, these people still spread love and happiness to those around them. Do you have a good story that you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear it!


Did you ever stop to think that the homeless are people, too? Help us change the negative perception surrounding the homeless men and women in our community.

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