Superman Impersonator Returning After Homelessness

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—After a period of homelessness and drug abuse, a Superman impersonator is making a comeback to Hollywood Boulevard. Christopher Dennis has been a Superman street performer for nearly 25 years. During that time, he became a well-known impersonator, who has met and captured pictures with numerous tourists. Dennis was mugged back in August 2016, where he was attacked with … Read More

Barber’s mission: haircuts for the homeless

Braden Day said he used to own a construction business in South Jersey, but when he and his fiancée relapsed into drug addiction a couple years ago, “we lost everything within a matter of months.” Today, he considers the Broad Street Ministry on South Broad Street home. During the day, he sits at 15th and Walnut streets accepting donations from … Read More

Love Truck aims to drive help, hope to homeless

Jeanette Bradley seemed happy as she looked out the windshield of her new RV on a recent weekday. Nothing much was out front; just her neighbors in the mobile home park where she lives. But right out of view, Jimmy Donaldson of RocketmanGraphics, was carefully applying peace signs to the outside of the 1983 Pace Arrow. And in just a … Read More

Starbucks, Microsoft, and others raise $4.5M in one month to open homeless family shelters

Seattle-area companies like Starbucks, Microsoft, and others came together in a big way this holiday season to provide temporary housing for homeless families across the region. The annual “No Child Sleeps Outside” campaign, which aims to help families and children sleeping outside in King County, announced today that it raised $4.5 million in one month. The donations will allow non-profit … Read More

Spain’s ‘Robin Hood Restaurant’ Charges The Rich And Feeds The Poor

On a frigid winter night, a man wearing two coats shuffles into a brightly lit brick restaurant in downtown Madrid. Staff greet him warmly; he’s been here many times. The maître d’ stamps his ID card, and the hungry man selects a table with a red tablecloth, under a big brass chandelier. The man, Luis Gallardo, is homeless — and … Read More

Formerly homeless man finds hope, treatment through housing program

An Ottawa program offering homes for the homeless has paid off in spades for Mathieu Coderre, who has built a new life and managed his mental health issues thanks to the stability that comes with having a true home he can call his own. Coderre, who once felt helpless to break out of life on the streets, now feels like … Read More

Have you ‘Asked Izzy’? Why it could change a homeless person’s life

I ran what I would consider a fairly successful building construction company in Melbourne until the GFC hit in 2011. Like many businesses, it collapsed. I lost everything. I can still remember the shockwave of fear, panic and shame surging through my body. Unimaginably, I was out on the street – I felt that I needed to run – to … Read More

Under the Bridge: A virtual reality visit with homeless in Seattle

Underneath the East Duwamish Greenbelt along Interstate 5 lies an unsanctioned Seattle homeless encampment known as The Jungle. This is a place most any Seattleite would never visit and a place you certainly don’t want to end up. It is dangerous, littered with used syringes, and reeks of dust and trash. But under that bridge are dozens and dozens of … Read More

Homeless men living on the street share their stories

Kyle and Lyle may not have a house or apartment to live in, but they consider Bothell to be home. Lyle has been living outside in the area for three years, while Kyle has been doing the same for six years. “There are a lot of good people here,” Lyle, who has been homeless for a total of eight years, … Read More