Amazing: Houses made from garbage and light from plastic bottles

We are called to be good stewards of the earth and to take care of each other, and these men and their companies are doing just that… Oscar Andres Mendez and his team at Conceptos Plásticos in Bolivia have found a way to take discarded plastic and rubber and create stackable bricks with them for building. These bricks are then … Read More

Calabogie family fearing homelessness in winter finds reprieve

A young family caught in a battle between their landlords and a large corporation faced eviction with nowhere to go during a Canadian winter. Apryl Warren, John Soules, their two toddlers and three cats are living in a cabin just outside Calabogie. They moved there last year after their Arnprior business, The Shawarma Shoppe, went out of business – taking … Read More

Sir Bob Jones labels beggars a ‘disgrace to society’

Businessman Sir Bob Jones wants begging made illegal, saying beggars are mostly fat and a disgrace to society. The shocking comments come after a west Auckland beggar claimed he made $150 a day and a “begging syndicate” aggressively targeted shoppers. Sir Bob Jones, property investor and former politician, said it was unbelievable that begging was allowed in New Zealand today.

In need of food? Just knock – Edmonton restaurant offers free meals

EDMONTON – An Edmonton restaurant is gaining international attention for its efforts to help feed those in need. Indian Fusion is located downtown, in the Oliver neighbourhood. The small, family-run restaurant has fewer than ten tables, but it’s making a big difference for the homeless. Two years ago, owner Parkash Chhibber saw a few people digging through the trash bins … Read More

Homeless Man Given Six Job Interviews Thanks to His Powerful Sign

This formerly homeless man is being blessed by strangers left and right thanks to a woman sharing his plea for help on Facebook. Sherryn Jackson was walking through the city center in Melbourne, Australia when she saw Barry: an elderly homeless man holding a sign with a long message inscribed in marker. The sign read: “Hi I’m from Perth W.A, … Read More

A Plus, GhanaWeb, others rescue family from abject poverty

Following a joynews report on the plight of a family that shares one school uniform due to the impoverished situation they find themselves, many kind-hearted people have donated various items to the family to help alleviate their plight. The story of the Badu family, which came to light in September, depicted how they couldn’t afford three square meals aside lacking … Read More

Homeless, but not Hopeless

The Schoonover brothers, Samuel and Michael, have worked in various jobs across 25 states, from their hometown in Homedale, Idaho to Gilbertown, Ala. “I’ve done almost everything,” Samuel Schoonover said. “I’ve worked in a restaurant; I farmed for 20 years; there was the cell phone company…” Their pursuit of work brought them to Meridian, but they hit a snag when … Read More

Local boy aims to cut into hunger

While most children are spending their afternoons playing video games or riding bikes, Jacob Stone, a local Newton County boy, was starting a nonprofit organization to help the less fortunate in the community. In December of 2015, at the age of seven, Jacob went with his church to help provide food to homeless people and an idea was born. Jacob … Read More